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Intensive Chinese Study Packages

We have enhanced our Homestay programs to reflect the changing needs and desires of the participants that want to experience more than just staying with our wonderful host families. The programs listed below are just a sample of what you can do. We can design anything (within reason) for your stay here in the Middle Kingdom.

Please feel free to enquire about these or any other of programs by contacting the program coordinators on the apply page of our web site.

Package A.

Homestay plus four hours of Chinese lessons per day

This option represents an addition to the basic Homestay package. Accommodation and food will be provided by your host family. Your time in China would be usually with an affluent family in Shijiazhuang. However, the families provide ample opportunity for their guests to travel with them and take part in the everyday life of a normal Chinese family. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to gain in-depth knowledge of Chinese Culture.

$1000 USD for the first month; $600 USD every month thereafter.

Package B.

Private flat plus four hours of Chinese lessons per day

For those of you who wish to benefit from more independence during your time in China, we can provide one of our apartments for you, which you may share with one other foreigner. There usage is completely free (Except Long Distance), we cover all expenses and you will be provided with a maid who will take care of preparing meals and cleaning the flat.

$1200 US; $800 USD every month thereafter.

Package C.

Package A. or B. plus Wushu, Tai Ji Chuan, and Calligraphy.

While coming to China is a worthy goal, there are those who are drawn to the Middle Kingdom for other reasons, whether these be the culture, the history, or others among the multitude of facets China presents. This package is tailored to add a little extra to your stay here. Twice a month, you will be driven by private car to the Tuoliang Mountain resort where you will be able to benefit from the private tutoring in Wushu (Kung Fu), Tai Ji Chuan or Chinese Calligraphy.

(A.) $1200 US for the first month; $800 USD every month thereafter.

(B.) $1400 US for the first month; $1000 USD every month thereafter.

Package D.

Package A. or B. plus ten days volunteering in a remote mountain school.

One of the Homestay programs strengths is its adaptability, its ability to be tailored to the desires of each participant. For all of you who come to China with the goal of sharing in something greater than yourself, of truly helping a worthy cause, this package offer you a chance to do just that. Surrounding ShijiaZhuang, many poor country schools in the mountains find themselves with very little upon which to subsist. Volunteer teaching for 10 days in these schools will give you a feel of the conditions that many Chinese children grow up in as well as giving them their first contact with a foreigner.

(A.) $1200 US for the first month; $800 USD every month thereafter.

(B.) $1400 US for the first month; $1000 USD every month thereafter.




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