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Insight.China is a joint project of the “New Times International Education Services” and “Hebei Province International Education & Exchange Association”. This joint project, endorsed by the Hebei Education Bureau, brings together the resources of both parties to promote exchange between China and the rest of the world.

New Times International” has been providing placement services to foreigners in China since 2002. The company has successfully placed over a 1000 teachers and volunteers in schools all over China and enjoys one of the best reputations in the business.

Hebei Province International Education and Exchange Association (IEEA).

The aim of the program is to give participants the opportunity to have a more in depth look at distinctive aspects of Chinese traditional culture than a tourist would usually have.

This is for our beginner’s group. Classes will cover the basic concepts required to survive and be operational in China. This is a good course for people who are absolute beginners or that have a few notions of the language but no proper schooling in grammar/sentence structure.


Day 1: Arrival and pick up at Beijing Airport

The participants will be picked up by the shuttle service of an airport hotel. This hotel will serve as our rally point until all participants have arrived. They will be greeted by two professional English speaking staffs and shown to their accommodations. This first night at the hotel will also provide an opportunity for a mini introduction/orientation.

Day 2: Departure from Airport Hotel towards location of the program

Spend one or two days touring the Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing

A bus directly from the hotel to the lodge for activities.

Take 60 minutes by Express train from Beijing to Shijiazhuang city after activities at Beijing.

Days 3/4/5/6/7 Scheduled lessons in the morning and afternoon

Around 3 hours of classes daily. This gives the participants a chance to explore the surroundings, review what they’ve studied, and relax.

Days 3 & 4 of each program will be more theoretical and provide the participants with historical perspectives of the subjects at hand as well a few Chinese words and an introduction the phonetics of pinyin.

The program will move on to become more practical starting day 5 with limited amount of theory or only where necessary.

Day 8/9 weekend) Trip to an ancient attraction

Visit one of the attractions next to the lodge. Possibilities include TaiHangShan Mountains, Wutai Shan, the oldest stone bridge in the world as well as a monastery.

Could move venue altogether to a bigger more cosmopolitan city – needs to be talked about but some people who have never been to China before could find it too restrictive in terms of food and alternative free time options. Or do some choice of restaurants/ food would keep them satisfied.

Day 10 mixed Chinese lessons with activities and celebration.

Each day will have 2 hours small exposition (for calligraphy, painting,paper cutting) or performance (dancing, taichi, kung fu and Tea service skill show) in presence of other experts in the field .

Day 11 Rest and Diploma Ceremony

Evening Programs or additional activities can be added to better introduce aspects of Chinese culture to the participants. This could include green tea ceremony, movie nights, special lectures, KTV, Chinese songs, making dumplings, games, fan dancing and so on.

Overall, the program will feature at least 30 hours of instruction.
A certificate to successful participants will be issued on completion of the course.


This package is all-inclusive with the cost covering the participants’ basic needs from pick-up time to drop-off time (food, transportation, lodging, classes, and materials). Alcoholic beverages are not included in the fee.

  • Staff member will be on call 24/7 to deal with emergencies
  • Accommodations will be 3* level for student level;
  • Meals will include western- style breakfast. Lunch and dinner will consist of a variety of Chinese meals.


We design this program to be affordable and with no hidden costs. Our schedule of fees is as follows:
Special Promotion fee USD 1750 for each person for the first group, limited 20 participants only. Cost cover from landing at Beijing airport till departure from Beijing airport.

What is included ?

  • Transportation from and back to Shijiazhuang City
  • Shared Accommodations
  • 3 Meals a day
  • Class materials (books, notebooks)
  • Tuition
  • We will invite experts of Chinese traditional artists to do 2 hours show nearly every day.
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Culture Project

With our program, you are sure to maximize your chances of having a great adventure in China knowing that a two reputable organisations as well as the local government agencies are standing behind you all the way. Please spend a bit of time to browse through our site and get acquainted with our services. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions that we have not answered through our website.