What qualifications should one have to apply for Culture Immense program?

Our Culture Immense program in China program is open to people of all ages and nationalities. While it is especially geared towards college students, it is open to anyone who wants to learn more about China from within. We ask that all of our applicants be open minded people with a reasonable command of the English language.

Are accommodations included in your fee?

Yes! The placement fee covers all of your basic expenses while in China. There is nothing else that you need to pay for other than your own expenses when you eat outside on your own or buy gifts, etc...

What kind of visa do I need to do a Culture Immense program in China?

A tourist visa. You should head out to the closest Chinese embassy and ask for a tourist visa that covers the length of your stay. If you come for more than 3 months and you plan on taking some part time teaching jobs, we will take care of changing your visa from tourist to business.

What kind of accommodations should I expect?

Generally speaking, you will have a 3stars+ level shared two beds hotel or our good level university dormitory.

What city would I be in?

Most of programs are within Hebei province. It is occasionally possible to place people in other provinces such as Hunan, jiangsu and Shandong.

Are Culture Immense program opportunities available s all year round?

Yes! Anytime of the year is a good time.

How much money should i bring?

This really depends on your spending habits! Most of time, We advise that you budget for about USD 300 for gifts and personal spending. Bring along a VISA ATM cards that you can use for emergencies.

What if I don't speak Chinese?

This should not be a problem for the basis our programs. Also, you will be provided with the opportunity to learn Chinese and further communicate with your colleagues. Many people speak English in China and there should be one or two people to guide you around.

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